Abacus360 Banking | IT-Technical Administration (Upgrade V7) - WEBINAR

Webinar Description

With Abacus360 Banking, Regnology RegTech has developed an innovative, sustainable solution that is ready to meet the upcoming challenges in the areas of regulatory reporting, risk calculation and controlling regulatory KPIs.

Familiarize yourself during this 0.5-day upgrade training with the technical configuration, the parameterization and the monitoring of the new Abacus360 Banking V7.

Webinar Topics

  • New software components: Spark and DAAL 
  • Overview of processing in the Spark engine 
  • Configuration of Spark parameters
  • Spark and DAAL monitoring (log.files, Spark user interface, etc.)

Webinar Audience

This is an upgrade training, aimed explicitly at participants who have already gained practical experience in the IT-technical administration of ABACUS/DaVinci or Abacus360 Banking.

Technology Requirements

This webinar will be held using a video conferencing tool, which requires internet access. If necessary, the trainer will conduct a short test session before the webinar, in order to ensure that technology requirements are met at participants’ end.

Trainers and Webinar Language

All our trainers are employees of Regnology Germany GmbH. Due to their extensive practical experience and their well-structured training approach they will provide you with the knowledge required for your daily working with Abacus.

Please note that the learning material distributed during the training is in English (as is the entire IT-technical Abacus documentation). 

The webinar can be held in English or German.

  Dates / Registration